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One Stock a Day.
Every Trading Day.

Bombarded by breaking stock news? We get it. This App offers something different:

Clear and actionable stock advice in a daily dose approach.

You get a new Stock of the Day, every trading day, with expert Louis Navellier's proven buy, sell or hold analysis.

Easy-to-follow A to F letter grades make it simple and effective for novice and expert investors alike.

Best of all, it's absolutely FREE!

Seize the Day…

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Stock of the day

Every trading day, Louis Navellier will give you a new Stock of the Day with his proven buy, sell or hold analysis. Easy-to-follow A to F stock ratings, plus live quotes and vivid charts, make it simple and effective to use.

Share with Friends

Why keep a good thing to yourself? It's good to share. With one click, you can share any Stock of the Day report by emailing it, posting it to Facebook or Tumblr, or Tweeting it. Having a busy day? You can save it to read later, too.

Market Dashboard

You'll also get a daily snapshot of the best and worst performing stocks on the Dow, S&P 500 and Russell 2000, with Navellier's buy, sell or hold advice for each. It's a simple way to keep an eye on today's most widely held and most talked about stocks.

And More!

You'll get access to the last 30 Stock of the Day reports in our stock archive. Plus, you'll get access to Navellier's Daily Blog for more of his stock analysis and market insights. There's even a handy dictionary of key terms for you.

Quick Investor Tip

Good companies don't always make the best investments. You need to look "under the hood" of a company to see what's really going on. Are sales growing? Does it have a lot of debt?

Those are the types of fundamentals I review to determine whether a stock is a buy, sell or hold. A-rated stocks are Buys, while C-rated stocks are Holds and F-rated stocks are Sells.

I'll show you how I grade stocks, and how you can too, in each new Stock of the Day.

Louis Navellier

Q:Stock of the Day is powered by Portfolio Grader. What is that?

A:Portfolio Grader is Louis Navellier's exclusive online stock-rating tool. This tool allows you to rate over 5,000 Wall Street stocks instantly.

You can grade one stock at a time, or score your entire portfolio by grading several stocks at once.

While a vigorous amount of number-crunching goes on behind the scenes, Navellier's formula is designed to give you actionable stock advice in easy-to-interpret A to F letter grades. New grades are uploaded every Monday morning, taking into account the last seven days worth of stock data.

Portfolio Grader is available to you absolutely free online here.